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The complete insanity of the jews "green new deal". : Iceage farmer

Published on 09 Nov 2021 / In Jewish Genocides

⁣They think they can suck co2 out of factories and pump it all underground in Iowa, which is not only retarded but would further contaminate the fresh groundwater aquafers.

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happyapple4 7 months ago (edited)

They try to see how far ((( they))) can push their psychopathic predation. Another cruel scam and a fraud on the American people. We need a predation class.

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happyapple4 7 months ago

Their criminality is right out in the open. What a pack of scum! They're all about LIES and THEFT and DEATH and UGLINESS. We humans are carbon-based. Have you noticed they are constantly attacking the fact that we breathe as in convid-19? Carbon emissions- our life breath? Hmmm...they must be an envious foreign artificial life form or worship one.

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Truthload 1 year ago

Definition of insanity

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DDoubleDD 1 year ago

It's like they're banking on having a much smaller population.

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