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The differences between a National Socialist and a Neo-Nazi

Published on 18 Mar 2021 / In Video Vault

Old video I had on file. Haven't seen it on here yet. Not my work.

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Erika 6 months ago

I think both have pros and cons. Obviously True national socialism lifts everyone up and creates a good healthy mindset for whites to follow. You hit all the points in the video, but the set back is it makes people more cowardly and less willing to fight I think. While Neo Nazis are definitely chaotic they aren’t afraid to fight and do shit no one else would would be willing to do. And I think a lot of those men came from broken backgrounds and don’t know how to be more upstanding. We need to combine the two, the elegance and pride of NS and the unbridled energy and fighting spirit of the Neo Nazis. That’s just my opinion though.

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SunMoves 2 years ago

Thank you...Good citizens make good nations. Nation building is what we need.

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 2 years ago

nazi is not an acronym and never was, we were lied to on it.
it is shorthand for Nazarene, kjv Lamentations 4:7.

whites: Adam from Genesis 2 and not from Genesis 1, Noah, Shem, Abraham.
Nazarenes, whites: David, Joseph, Mary, Jesus.
Peter at his crucifixion said he is of the same race as the Lord's Adam.

this ashkenazi jew is a whitemixed jew,
sephardic jew is a darkmixed jew,
ALL jews are mixed race,
hebrew(white) word for mixed race is arab.

semite is not Shem it is semjaza the first and primary fallen angel,
semite is also semiramis the wife of cush then dumped him to hump and marry her son nimrod.
nimrod created multicult, God smashed it and re-separated the people.

the word "holy" = "separate".

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 2 years ago

i don't understand the infighting in some comments below,
and i ask: in what way are you helping anything, including
what you refer to as your own tin group among whites.

i am pro-white, it is exactly that simple.

but i am also pro-functional, and face-tat alcohol spewing fools are not functional.
most cops are white, ALL cops are against us, as they work for their paycheck / themselves, only,
and the jew rules them.
cops are a DISfunction to whites, just as hilary clinton / joe biden, etc.
1903 dick act stole usa; we were to be * * all men militia - no man a cop * *

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 2 years ago

this vid helps show the stark contrast between
the German people from the 1930s,

vs the fake groups the jewballs handed to america from what i saw
primarily in the 1980s.

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