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The enemies of man series, EGO

Published on 22 Nov 2021 / In Interesting

The enemies of man series is the most important thing you can listen to and learn from.
If you care more about who is saying something to you,rather than the context and validity of what is being said.....You will believe whatever lies certain charismatic figure are willing to tell you.
This is the real red pill,the truth about male and female nature and how to benefit from them instead of being manipulated by them

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TheDemonKing 9 days ago

I think I've figured out a gigantic problem that is happening with all of our people who actually want to stand together against our enemies.
It's not the Jews causing this damn problem,it's our own people. I'll be writing a presentation about it that I'll have up in the next few days.
Foreign and domestic,there's not just enemies at the gates there's enemies here among us too....and they're chasing away most of the white men who actually come here trying to find a solution,a way to fight back together against the genocide being carried out against us.
I'm gonna be calling these mother fuckers out! And I'm going to be offering a new way,a new path for those men,I will be accepting them and reaching out to them so they don't feel rejected by their own people because of the way those mother fuckers treat them when they come here!

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