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The Entire Covid Scam Explained, In Under 12 Minutes!.

Published on 29 Dec 2020 / In Covid 19 84 / HoloCough
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Fwiffo 4 months ago

When do they expect the monetary system to collapse? Since that's what this guy is talking about basically, covid is a smoke screen for the system collapsing. When it happens holy shit that's gonna suck.

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30WD 9 months ago

it's all lies

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milhouse 9 months ago

"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."

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Thor Asgaard
Thor Asgaard 9 months ago

all evidence shows that corona, unicorns and holocaust don't fuckin exist.....but because the jew says it's have to believe it goyim....are we ever wake up and do what's right?...even if it has casualties....fuck it...gotta do what we gotta do...talmudites must crawl back to the hole they came from.

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apekillerX 9 months ago

The real boogeymen and virus are the fake ass jews aka SOS. Until they are exterminated , White Europeans will continue being culled to extinction. Our Bible is a prophetic newspaper ; that assures the Adamic Aryan Race ; that the SOS and their global hordes of subhuman s...t will be removed from Earth . It's. Going to happen very soon . Death ! To the SOS !!

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