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The European Crusade Against Bolshevism

Published on 21 Nov 2022 / In History

Adolf Hitler speaks about the European crusade against Communism and Bolshevism.

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Dani M
Dani M 14 days ago

This is EXCELLENT. Just when I think I've heard it all from Adolph Hitler, along comes more speech/audio that I have NOT heard/read from him before! It was learning the truth about the "Russian Revolution" that got me started on my whole journey of learning about the truth of the deception and historical lies I was living in. I don't think I will ever know everything about the Bolshevik Revolution/WW2 - and some of it is just too painful to know.
I listened to an excellent series from 2010 on the Christogenea website several years ago - I guess it was done by Bill Finck and another man who appeared to be running it - or at least he did most of the talking & reading - it was about 10 weeks long & was absolutely excellent, life-altering for me, in particular, being half Ukrainian myself. They read from white papers and many "letters to home" written by German soldiers to their parents/siblings/girlfriends, etc. Some of it I could not even get through listening...then on top of it you are surrounded by people who know nothing of this truth & you end up sorely regretting it when you try to share this with them! I am having SOME luck with my father, but NOT at all with my mother, the stubborn Pollock! Go figure, my mother is college educated and my father is not - it makes sense that he is more open to learning alternative history than is my mother - she even almost gets angry & thinks I am trying to make her appear stupid, as if she got the wrong education at her Catholic girls college - talk about ISSUES. She is 100% Polish and has terrible stubborn/ignorant tendencies, which being half Polish myself I have no problem admitting I find this BAD TRAITS of the Poles.
Are there any books you recommend about Germany on the Eastern front? I have seen books mentioned over the years and probably have some on my hard drive, but I don't know which are the RIGHT ones to read, you know?

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Europeanflower 15 days ago

Everyday I remember.

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