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The Evil Secrets of Freemasonry Revealed. Part 2. By Dennis Wise.

Published on 12 Jun 2022 / In Freemasonry

Part 2.

Dennis Wise is back... ⁣

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Charles_Martel 2 days ago

Can we destroy it from inside?

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pastprovespresent 4 days ago

The civil war of 1861 to 1865, was not fought over slavery. The emancipation proclamation wasn't even written until 1863. Most who fought were defending their land against an invasion. The war was a few in the Carolinas firing, There wasn't a need even for this to escalate into a war unless they wanted it to. Otherwise the USS Liberty would have escalated into a war. The South was wealthier than the North. It also had 70% of the soldiers were from the South. The South wanted to cecede and have their own confederate script, which they did. Even to this very day, Southerners grumble about the carpet baggers comming to pillage.

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IsraelIsChristian 14 days ago

Freemasons are a slave to the jew cult .. o wow we only knew this for over 500 years

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Joel 15 days ago

FINALLY!! Yes yes yes yes yes yes,...IF you couldn't fucking figure it out,....Kennedy WAS IN FACT a FREEMASON. Geeee,....BIG fucking surprise eh? Mr. ''Secret Societies'' was a Mason. He had enough with the Freemasons, because of the money???? BULLSHIT!!! He didn't have any fucking problems pushing the Freemason NASA non-sense,.......about going to the MOON,....and whatnot. Haven't heard this guy mention,......well,........I'll let YOU figure out what particular group he's intentionally neglecting to mention. Hint : The ''Mystery Religion'' within this fraternity, that this dude, and guys like Pike spoke of, Kabbalah :Basically, what makes people ''tick''. Using shit like traumatic events to manipulate the psyche of the general population. (False flags, wars, ''assassinations??'',..............buildings blowing up,.........Soaring fuel costs, ''mystery???'' diseases, etc etc etc) Among other techniques, ''deflection'', misdirection,....(OOOOoooo,....their own tricks are blowing up their faces. THAT'S what happens when they're SO fucking stupid, that they think they're smarter than everybody. <--That actually is a ''thing'') WHAT exactly were those two symbols over the initiate's head in the previous video?? The guy with the blindfolds and the weird clothes with the pant leg pulled up,.....WHAT were those two symbols (I actually DO know, but why weren't they mentioned. They were meant to be prominent in the photo, wouldn't you say, on either side) This is a message I received last week, that resulted in an almost ''20'' message exchange, with some guy trying to push this shit,...''It's NOT the * * * *. They're just there to take the blame, a president or a prime-minister'' And when asked, ''Well, who is it then'', the response was,....''Freemasons, Illuminati, Elites,....blah blah blah, Albert Pike, Mystery Religion yada yada yada'',..........It's just like Deja-Vu,...It's just like Deja-Vu

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