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The Fascifist & His Allies Exposed: "All Americans Are Jews"

Published on 22 Feb 2022 / In Cointel Pro Shills
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Derby 6 months ago

America was built by enslaved Europeans enslaved by Freemasons

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Derby 6 months ago

Expose Naomi Seibt.

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Distant_Enigma 9 months ago

these guys dont get what he was saying... american culture was molded by jewry.. but europeans are no better since ww2, they should realize that as well.

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Discipledown 10 months ago

Maybe you neo Nazi retards are not Jews but you are not representative of America or the Anglo sphere
America is who we let indoctrinate and control us
If you watch anything from the MSM or participate in their financial system then you are a willing tool of the Jew Cabal and you are literally supporting the Jew cabals rule over you
Neo NAZIS are the low iQ shame of the white Christian resistance of the Zionist Cabal

Here’s one thing none of you idiots understand
The ten northern tribes of Israel were not Jews
Long before Babylon invented Judaism the tribes of the house of Israel were scattered north and became Europe
Europe is the tribes of Israel and we are the lost sheep of Israel and we were never these modern Jews
Israel was not Judaism ever
Jews are not Israel
Israel was never Jewish

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Discipledown 10 months ago

Neo Nazis are ignorant fools and Hitler would have had nothing to do with them and probably would have silenced them
Neo NAZI are an ignorant shame to Hitler and Germany and the entire European American white peoples
The man trying to reason with these fools is right
Neo NAZIS are tools of the Jews

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