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The Flat Earth Riddle (A Sorcerer's Explanation) Part 1: (11 Aug 2018)

Published on 07 Dec 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣JLL says: "Finally concluding this topic. What a relief. I have never discussed anything on the internet that brings such vile and idiotic reactions. Good riddance to those losers and pretenders who criticize and complain, but contribute nothing to enrich the dialogue or advance the quest for knowledge." The exact reason I disallowed comments on this series of talks. Am removing any spewing comments from Flatheads.

Tags: Archons Entheogens Gnosticism Sophia Not In His Image John Lamb Lash

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8thWonders 1 month ago

Whoever quotes the bible as "factual" should consider the fact there are several biblical verses implying the earth is flat.

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