The Gatekeepers enslave us

Published on 13 Nov 2020 / In Jewish Question

A good one from Black Lies Matter channel

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DutchMjr 2 years ago

90% arent asleep, its the 5% that asleep, who think they can wonder into a cow paddock, talk to the cows and they will magically become humans. people have a tendency to "assume" just because someone looks human, they can be woken up, truth is 99% cannot, 99% are willful primarily because they are both genetically labotimized intellectually, insuring on conception they will not be intelligent enough to seek or want freedom, only at best "pretend" to and at the same time most are not good, honest people, they merely "pretend" to be so that can continue to reap the benefits of their complicity to the evil their society commits and supports, they dont want the sleeping "minority" to realize its all a truman show, which is why the masses no matter how solid the evidence, no matter how in their face, they would deny it, reject it, make excuses for it... much like a rapist who doesnt want to be found out they are what they are, they will pretend not to be, much like the massess do when their TV says "give a shit" they all pretend to, but when the same happens and their tv does not say "give a shit" good luck finding anyone who cares, because like a truman show it was all a act and to keep anyone who might realize the fact, stuck repeating themselves day after day, till they grow old and die.

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