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The Global Social Credit System is Here - The Trusted Digital Identity Bill

Published on 09 Jan 2022 / In Conspiracies

⁣The simple question is, should we trust the Trusted Digital Identity Bill? The simple answer is, not on your life. We shouldn’t trust the speed they want to rush it through, we shouldn’t trust the complex wording and the vagueness. Frankly, if the people do not propose it, do not trust it. The idea of elected representatives has had its day and this bill is a very good reason why. Our representatives do not represent us but act as a global entity.

Nothing happening during this Great Reset epoch should be trusted, especially not the Trusted Digital Identity Bill. This is very much a component of that global transformation. Digital Identity is just that, the centralising of each individual’s identification into a unique digital ID.

As with digital technology itself, the concept of Digital ID involves convergence. Every citizen’s ID converges into an app or government portal (like My Gov) that can be then used wherever . Y es, it can be used wherever and by whoever in the government wishes. For instance, to confirm one’s identity , a “selfie” is required to match against existing photo identification. That makes it ‘simple’for the [global] government to then register us for digital facial recognition that, theoretically, can be matched anywhere in the world where the technology allows.

In principle, this paves the way for micro-sizing future ID into a chip to be implanted into the body.

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