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The Glorious Logs of the Prophet Salamandren (Vol IX) Studies in Anti-Jewology (Days 570-595)

Published on 20 Mar 2022 / In Jewish Question

⁣an epic poem in ten volumes

Volume IX


00:00:06 Heavenly Visions of a Deranged Anti-Jew (570)
00:19:04 “European” is the Masculine Impulse that Husbands Humanity (571)
00:29:23 The Jewish Menace: Only the Humanities Can Save Us (572)
00:41:59 Shakespeare, Not Hitler, Defines You (573)
00:51:37 Jew-Tossing Requires a Firm Footing (574)
01:01:05 Racial Categories and their Anti-Cedents (575)
01:14:11 When a Student Asks About Susan Sontag (576)
01:29:06 Expunging the Jew (577)
01:38:27 The Great Anti-Jew Awakening (578)
01:48:43 The Examined Life of the Anti-Jew (579)
01:58:05 In Which I Thoroughly Admonish You Racialist Motherfuckers (580)
02:10:04 Pro-White is Just Watered Down Anti-Jew. Be Anti-Jew. Not Pro-White. (581)
02:26:02 The Trouble With Anti-Jew Prophets Like Me (582)
02:46:12 The Anti-Jew Amendment to the American Constitution (583)
02:58:48 Anti-Jew Statesmanship (584)
03:11:20 Aping Science is Not Honesty (585)
03:23:38 America is Already an Ethnostate (586)
03:31:52 Why “Race” as a Category is Inferior to “Human” as a Category (587)
03:44:21 Humanity is the Masculine Counterpart to Race as Feminine (588)
03:58:55 Be a White Man for God’s Sake (589)
04:13:09 Cultural Anti-Jewology (590)
04:28:14 COVID Protest is Ritual Jew Worship (591)
04:28:33 Race as an Artisanal Tradition (592)
04:50:25 The Meaning of “Human” (593)
04:58:28 Reclaiming Masculine and Feminine (594)
05:08:36 If You’re Not White, You’re Not American (595)

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