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The Gospel Never Told Pt 8

Brother Hebert
Published on 11 Sep 2021 / In Bible / Sermons

The Gospel of Mark chapters 1-9.
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Lawi 17 days ago

Georgia Guide Stones, reduces Earth's population from 7.9 Billion to 505 thousand.
White House Mouth piece for the JEWS says, Migrants imported into US INC will not require COVID Jew Juice to enter US INC.

"The ultimate goal is by mixing the races ... to create a light brown race ... with an IQ to dumb to grasp anything but intelligent enough to work ... people who will fight against this mingling of races should be killed." ~ Thomas P.M. Barnett, JEW, director of the Israeli military consultancy 'Wikistrat', in his book 'The Pentagon's New Map', 2004

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