As advertised a few months back I have created a new website for more of a Free Speech Atmosphere, I will no longer allow FE Theory at WT.Online but will at Truth In The World Dot Com, I will not allow FE here as per the last few months and doubt that I ever will, I Loathe it mainly because of all the infighting it brings and a certain tribe is laughing at us because of it, Meanwhile they are up to the usual tricks while we squabble over something with Zero Relevance, Danke

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The Great Myths - Episode 4: The Iliad | The Blood of the Goddess (2019)

Published on 22 Jul 2022 / In Documentaries

⁣Episode 4: Agamemnon has seen it in a dream: Troy will be taken today. The entire Greek army is amassed around the ancient city's walls and the battle rages on, but suddenly, Helen's husband Menelaus recognises Paris, the man who took his wife. The two men decide to face each other in a duel...

But just as Menelaus is about to kill Paris, Aphrodite plucks him from the battlefield. Zeus is furious to see the gods interfering in this war, but he cannot prevent it. Athena returns to the battle and grants the young king Diomedes great fury and the ability to distinguish gods from men.

He attacks the goddess Aphrodite, who is there to defend her son Aeneas, injuring her on the hand. Then he takes on Ares, the god of war, who is there to defend Aphrodite's honour. As the battle rages, Achilles sits indifferently playing the lyre in his tent.

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