As advertised a few months back I have created a new website for more of a Free Speech Atmosphere, I will no longer allow FE Theory at WT.Online but will at Truth In The World Dot Com, I will not allow FE here as per the last few months and doubt that I ever will, I Loathe it mainly because of all the infighting it brings and a certain tribe is laughing at us because of it, Meanwhile they are up to the usual tricks while we squabble over something with Zero Relevance, Danke

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The Great Myths - Episode 5: The Iliad | The Sword and the Scales (2019)

Published on 22 Jul 2022 / In Documentaries

⁣Episode 5: The chaos that reigns between Greeks and Trojans has now spread to Mount Olympus. Zeus decides that any god who helps either side again shall be struck down. Back on the battlefield, the Trojans have driven back the Greeks who, to protect their camp and their ships, have decided to build a long wall...

Hector, the king of Troy's eldest son, is confident. His sister, Cassandra, is much less so. She has always known that Paris would bring misfortune to the Trojans, and she forces her mother, Hecuba, to admit it.

The battle resumes, and when Poseidon gets involved, so too does Zeus, weighing the two sides' fates and favouring the Trojans. The Greeks know that victory is impossible for them without Achilles their great hero. Agamemnon agrees to send a delegation to ask him to return to combat. But will Achilles accept their appeals?

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