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Louis Marschalko
Published on 13 Oct 2022 / In HoloHoax / WW1 & WW2

⁣⁣Documented Torture of German POWs Before the Nuremberg Trials.Baron Paget of Northampton wrote in his book titled “Manstein: His Campaign and His Trial” (published by Collins in 1951) on page 109:
[The US Simpson Inquiry Commission] reported among other things that of the 139 cases they had investigated, 137 had had their testicles permanently destroyed by kicks received from the American War Crimes Investigating Team.
Pennsylvania judge Edward L. Van Roden – member of the commission investigating the accusations by Colonel Everett who reported that Germans did not receive fair trial, wrote in his book titled “American Atrocities in Germany“:
Our investigators would put a black hood over the accused’s head and then punch him in the face with brass knuckles, kick him, and beat him with rubber hose. Many of the German defendants had teeth knocked out. Some had their jaws broken. All but two of the Germans, in the 139 cases we investigated, had been kicked in the testicles beyond repair.

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JewsAreLikeSnakes 1 month ago

in my mind it was real

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jimmyhugo 1 month ago

if anything the evil germans made the mistake to include the word "arbeit" in their spa getaways. the chosen semites were forced to commit mass sepuku, so sad.

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Louis Marschalko
Louis Marschalko 1 month ago

As was proved at Nuremberg, the S.S. guards were detached from the internment camps towards the end of 1943 and in the early part of 1944. In the camps, apart from the Commandant’s personal staff, only the Jewish KZ Police and the block-commandants were left.P166

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Louis Marschalko
Louis Marschalko 1 month ago

On April 6th, 1951, in Aufbau, the New York Jewish paper, the
following appeal was published in German under the title:
“Israel is looking for witnesses.”
“The Israeli Ministry of Justice in Jerusalem is looking for
witnesses in the cases of several persons under investigation for
having committed grave crimes against humanity and against the
Jewish nation during the Second World War. Almost all of them
are charged with crimes committed against internees (Jews).”
And the following names were given: Andre Banek, Mordechai
Goldstein, Kia Regina Hanzova, Jacob Honnigmann, Pinkus
Pshetitzky, Moses Puesitz, Dr. Joshua Sternberg and Trenk Elsa. Of
these eight people seven are Jews.

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