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The International Jew (El Judío Internacional) [English][Español]

Published on 12 Oct 2021 / In Politics

Transcript fom 20:20 to 21:15:
And this is how the system offers its ideological hegemony, the established power always invents disqualifiers with which to link dissent to dishonor and infamy, thereby stigmatizing the opposition and preventing public debate, just as you used to be called a heretic for questioning the doctrine of the Catholic Church, today criticizing the liberal ideology that International Jewry imposes on the West links you to all kinds of phobias.

The most precious commodity on Earth... It's your own people!
And for this people! We want to fight and fight! And never faint! And never fatigue! And never fall apart! And never despair!

Original Author: SolNegro88

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