Louis Marschalko
Published on 12 Mar 2023 / In HoloHoax / WW1 & WW2

⁣Lina Heydrich: Himmler understood there is a race of people we call Jews, who are actively trying to destroy the bloodlines of Aryan people through pollution of the races. They have been fighting this war for a few thousand years, and our people are completely unaware it is going on. “Intellectuals” portray race today as if race is unimportant, anyone who defends keeping a race untainted is an evil person. The SS wanted the Germanic peoples of Europe to enjoy a life where their race was everything, and survival was guaranteed.
This is why so many Europeans came to the SS, they understood Jewish Marxism was a growing danger and it sought to use the ignorant masses to commit their own suicide so to speak. It uses people as slaves to the system, and then when they are defenseless, they are forced to accept all races into their spheres, which will eventually outbreed and replace them.

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