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The Island of Dwarf Dinosaurs

Published on 04 Dec 2020 / In Pets & Animals

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Do i personally believe in god, no i'm sorry but i don't
now this doesn't mean that i want to destroy christianity,
as for jesus christ himself i do believe that
there was a man with that name
and that he was crucified because the jews
hated him for speaking the truth.

I'm anti-communist and anti-zionist
and a national socialist, but i think that my version of national socialism
might be closer to george lincoln rockwell then my fuhrer or a mix between the two

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Spectralwulf 1 year ago

I doubt that pterosaur - Hatzegopteryx was the top predator of dinos on the island. It probably just fished and nested there. It's large but doesn't seem built for attacking most dinos. The last time a flying predator dominated an island was Haast's Eagle in New Zealand until it went extinct 600 years ago. A flying dino-hunter would need to be built similar to a flying raptor with sharp talons.

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pastprovespresent 1 year ago

It's always fascinating to consider life in ancient times. I just wish he was a little more clear about, this is a fact and that is a hypothesis. For example, when he says," shinks to size of island...evolution..." Maybe God made a big one and a smaller one for the island. I know it starts in school by presenting the theory of evolution like it's a fact without considering any other theories. No wonder so many people today are so rigid and argumentative when you try to even show them other possibilities.

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HStheNS 1 year ago

well maybe god gave animals the ability to evolve?

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Vermillion292 2 years ago

Dinosaurs are fascinating reptiles.

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HStheNS 2 years ago


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Spectralwulf 1 year ago (edited)

@Vermillion292: Dinosaurs are dinosaurs - proto-birds developed well-beyond the cold-blooded reptile stage. I dig what you mean but your statement is no different than saying mammals are fascinating reptiles. Proto-mammals and dinosaurs stopped being reptiles in the Triassic period. The dinos won the competition with proto-mammals and dominated the planet until the meteor gave mammals a chance at dominion. The feathered dinos still dominated the early age of mammals, as some surviving birds became flightless to quickly reclaim the niches and roles of predatory dinosaurs until more developed mammalian forms were able to exploit their eggs/chicks to dethrone the terror birds and finally end the legacy of dinosaur domination.

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