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Published on 11 Sep 2022 / In Israel / Zionism

⁣Corrupt Lying Politicians And Celebrities Who Supported The Covid Poison Jew Juice Blood Clot Jab

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Ral9010NatSoc 18 days ago

Lying fucking sellouts.

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DTGKSonofGod 18 days ago

Just listen to the fake ass f....g jews , spewing at the muzzle about there being individuals in our governments , that will never be : ""IDENTIFIABLE"" ?????

The Awakened White Adamic Israelite's :{ Germans - Anglo Saxons - Celtic - Nordic - Scandinavians }: know who the real boogeymen are and their name is :

Fake ass jews aka ::

rothschild luciferian banking cartel -
chabad lubavitch -

synagogue of satan -
khazarian mafia -

freemasonry -
communists -
marxists -

socialists -
liberals -
progressives -

illuminati -
luciferians -
neo-cons -

Here is the true ancestry and genetics of all so called jews :

moorish :{ half subhuman ape / half sand nigger }: -
asiatic -
turkish -
himalayan mongolian apes :{ so called chinese }: -

That info wars panel of characters are all fake ass jews and they are gate keepers , playing good cop - bad cop .

There is no such thing as a good so called jew !

They are the most heavily networked - ethno-mongrel - tribal crime syndicate on earth ; working synergistically in all white nations , toward these objectives :

Destruction of Christian Civilization -
Destruction of Christianity -
Culling of the entire earthly population of white adamic israelite's .

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Bond0077 18 days ago

Just before Infowars lost their youtube channel, they had a live comment stream going. We hammered that stream so hard, I have to take some credit, lol. Good ole days

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DTGKSonofGod 18 days ago

They are gatekeepers , all fake ass jews are gatekeepers !!

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Bond0077 18 days ago

With ugly big noses and squinty eyes

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DTGKSonofGod 18 days ago

@Bond0077: Low set ears -

close set eyes -
huge hook snouts -

amorphic bodies -
curly black hair , similar to niggers insect bristles -

black soulless eyes -
sickening green / grayish colored skin :{ the color of death - disease - rigor-mortis }: -

webbed hoofs -
prognathic muzzles -

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