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The Jewish Communization Of Russia!

Published on 20 Sep 2022 / In History

⁣Be a man! Say what you mean and mean what you say!
"If you don't know anything about your enemy, you cannot defeat your enemy, and you shouldn't even be on the battlefield!" ~ William Cooper
Don't be scared! Be prepared! Know your enemy!
Visit https://FuckTheJews.com

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Kevin Knight
Kevin Knight 5 months ago

Absolutely amazing video very very education very informative very well done

I knew standing behind Papa Putin was a good call ,,,God damn fucking Jews,,,, there is nothing more disgusting than the Jews we can only believe that God has a hell horrible enough that the Jews will actually suffer the most cuz there's nothing we could do to a Jew on this Earth that would cause him to suffer enough for what they've done fuck the Holocaust Holocaust wasn't shit prepared to 66 million

Actually have a copy of a letter that was given to the Communist Jew pig Karl Marx the author of communism and it's funny the guys last name is Levy on the paper but when I researched that guy his last name used to be Epstein just like that child raping fucking piece of shit Jeffrey Epstein but the letter goes in the detail how they will use the governments of each nation and slowly get it to where it's all the nations are controlled by Jews the slimy fucking communist terrorist fucking piece of shit Jews God damn the only good Jews one you're scraped off the bottom of your boot
Kind of want to move back up to New York lot of Jews up there be fun just to make a Jew use a use a Jew for a fucking a public urinal
Why went to the University of Syracuse up in Rochester New York where we moved from the good thing about New York whenever you felt like it you can just go outside and say hey Jew boy and just beat the fuck out of the first person that turned around how Lisa said Jews on fire
I was rolling with Hammer skins back in that time to take a ginger ale bottle put gas in it it looked just like ginger ale have a mother fucker walk up to hate you boy squeeze the pound space and the other person run by poof light them up then we take our boots and we try to stop the fire out πŸ₯³ memories memories πŸ˜ƒ

Nobody would ever get caught either because all the witness could ever say was they had shaved heads black boots everybody look the same then there's also like skinhead club that was a club x now the owner of that place didn't even have to know what it went on as soon as he saw anybody like Police pull into the parking lot he'd already go nope it would definitely wasn't these guys they were all here he wouldn't even know who they're talking about or nothing 😁

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