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The Jewish Global Power Mechanism Protocols of Zion

Louis Marschalko
Published on 15 Jul 2022 / In Judaism / Talmud

⁣“This war will be Roosevelt’s war!” the right-wing Republicans were saying. But people like Morgenthau, Baruch, Frankfurter, Einstein and Oppenheimer, knew better:
“This war will be our war! World Jewry’s war!”For Roosevelt, this late descendant of the Spanish Sephardim, was the prototype of the 20th-century politician. In him was to be found thepersonification of the Protocols, although he was world deliverer and puppet at the same time. Standing behind were the real masters of America. Freemasonry and the Elders of Zion, Zionist leaders and bankers and the Galician-born trade union Bolsheviks.“He is our President!” they said, “and his war will be our war!”We have substituted a caricature for the “real government”, say the Protocols, with the President elected by our creatures and slaves —the mob.

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