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The Jewish Peril Fully Documented

Published on 14 Oct 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣The Jewish Peril Fully Documented

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WarrenofAlbyne 4 days ago

((They)) are NOT of Judea: ((they)) are NOT even of Israel the MAN once called Yacob.

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mikaowx 9 days ago (edited)

Surely mr. and missus weren't familiar with the hidden meanings of the bible and how the jews wrote the book and the new testament to conceal their purpose. Had they been reading from the mishna, midrash and other treatises they would never have stood for christianity in the first place. I view this couple as useful tools who have been blaming the talmudists without understanding the talmud is a book of commentaries and instructions on passages that stem in the old testament brought forth later by the jews with the help of the new testament to influence the non jews and turn them into opposing them in a controlled manner that helps the jews despite appearing as an opposition. Christians rely on the old testament as jesus was written as the personification of the old testament. The god of the old testament commanded the jews to use usury to destroy nations, genocide people, horde the belongins of the nations, jswears the seeds of Jacob will possess the nations and that nations will vanish only israel will remain. Jesus was no different. Apparently the god he called father was the god of the old testament. Only the story is written in a way few understand what the fables really mean without having read the midrashic teachings or the mishna. This was the plan all along. I am saying this in a hope that people ultimately understand the jewish yoke uses several forms of enslavement. Political, religious, social, cultural, financial and other tentacles to trick the goyim. Communism, zionism, banking, finance, government control, cultural and educational control are all integrated parts of this deception.These christians, study jewish tradition, worship a jew as the son of god and his father the god of the jews as their own god. Moreover they revere Mary a jewish woman as the divine female, the mother of god. They read jewish "eyewitnesses" telling the fable of jesus to the world in the gospels despite after listening to the holocaust witnesses we have a realclue what jewish witnesses worth don't we?. They are constantly citing jewish apostoles whose canonized writings take up more than half of the new testament. But hey, they say they are against jews because they killed batman, a superhero they made up in the first place. Christians are ridiculous gullible and misled. It's such a drag they would really need someone to perform a miracle on them and open their blind eyes.

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