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the jews

Published on 07 Mar 2021 / In Judaism / Talmud

the jews

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Everysingletime 7 months ago

I got to watch that again. Too much info too fast, but damn the was well put together.

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mics972 7 months ago

See this video, men in black ( Synagogue of Satan Decoded )
Now you know the 'true' meaning of men in black!-
Now watch Brother Nathanael and think about it?
Something to said, "The level of deceit runs deep,
this is why DNA testing is crucial in forming a
new ethnology of statehood for the white race
to be 'pure' this should be a right and not a
crime, a new white nation will arise for all
free men and women to establish a nation
for the endangered white race. To live our
lives in peace and respect of other races.
A nation that would protect and care for
this new land for a people determined to
stand against the globalist and the NWO
for a better future of like minds. In order
for whites to make this happen? We must
form a minority organization that promotes
these values and establishes a family in
the bonds of white pride and symbolism
that recognizes this as the spiritual
center as whites did in ancient times.
A new beginning of hope for the white
race, through hard work and fairness
in a Holy grace of love and respect,
but where will this new land be?
That is the question.
A white nation for you and me...

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Fuck_all_jews 7 months ago

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