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White Power
Published on 23 Nov 2021 / In Jewish Genocides

Video borrowed from Harry_Knowledge123.
⁣I am a Racialist Aryan Christian, i promote Aryan UNITY as best i can, so if anyone comes to my channel posting anti-Christ and/or anti-Hitler lies which only causes division among our folk, they will be exposed for the jew subversive bitches they are and blocked. Thats the only warning you get. Now, LOVE your Aryan brothers (if in fact you are an Aryan) no matter what religious beliefs you hold, do NOT insult any Aryans religious beliefs here (except non-White phony shit like judaism and islam and satan worship). We have an entire planet full of non-white SHIT trying to murder us out of existence and jews pretending to be White come around ONLY to cause MORE fucking trouble among us, and it wont be tolerated here. Oh yeah, for you pussy jews that would cry "but muh freedumb of speech (for evil jews)", i say fuck you and your subversive bullshit, it should NOT be and NEVER will be tolerated by me!!

Check out these other great channels from fine brothers (if you havnt already):

Will add more as i remember them, if i am leaving anyone out that has recommended me, PLEASE let me know and i will add your channel to the list!!

I am now starting to re-upload all 1500 videos that took me 3 years to upload on bitch-chute, i'll be uploading some new(er) ones along the way. Some things that you MUST understand are that...the hook nosed evil mongrel disease that call themselves "jews" are NOT the Israel of the Bible, the White race is. They are NOT of Shem, the White race is, therefore when they use the term "anti-semite" they're using it falsely claiming to be of Shem. They are NOT true Hebrew, again that applies to the White race only. They are NOT of the tribe of Judah, the White race of (primarily) Germany are the TRUE Judaites, so when they call themselves "jews" they're FALSELY claiming to be the tribe of Judah which they are NOT. What they are is filthy cainite mongrels, the murderers and liars of the planet. The war the evil hook nosed pigs wage against Gods TRUE chosen people, the White Race, still rages on MANY millennia later and the evil ones MUST be completely destroyed or everything in creation will continue to suffer and die because of them!!! Understand that those who have built ALL great civilizations are the White Race and the White Race ONLY, those are the FACTS!!!!!!! The hook nosed pigs are RACE MURDERERS and HERITAGE STEALERS, just like their nigger brothers!!!!!!! I add new links below from time to time so always look through them closely for any changes!!!

Please visit: for some GREAT Biblical truths!!!!!!!
& (WEBSITE DOWN, but may be back - Free Aryan Music and more) (Free Aryan Music Downloads) (Third Reich Books interpreted into English for sale) (Another place most of my uploads are stored)

PLEASE help to spread this healing truth to awaken ALL your Aryan brothers and sisters!!!!!!!

Alle Juden müssen sterben!!!!!!!

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Trivium_Supremacy 5 days ago

The ZOG has never and will never abide by OUR laws. They have declared war on us and there is no political solution that will manifest before we become the next Rhodesia. What happens to one of us, happens to all of us. The same people control the nations. A Nationalist Socialist militia is the only solution there is. If you haven't figured that by now, then enjoy your chains, expect their numbers to increase 10x fold and lie in the bed you made. WHITE POWER

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White Power
White Power 3 days ago

Absolute truth there brother!

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Are you really prepared to do what it takes to remove them? Then name the Jew. Point at them and speak their names. I don't think you'll do that, so pointless. The niggers are here and the niggers will stay until Ireland is like the USA. Send them back? What on ships or planes? Is every Irish woman prepared to shut their liberal mouths and let their Irish men do what they used to be good at? I doubt it. They will say their men are a bit harsh to the niggers. They won't criticize the negro for fighting back. They will weep tears for all the black women crying with babies in their arms as they're loaded onto ships like cattle. You know why I know these are empty words? Because the Jew will show a few prepared white men calling the nigger a nigger, will report EVERY white hand that touches a negro and no black hand that strikes a white women or child. Then Irish women will watch it, be appalled at the Jew news and demand that their men stop what they're doing. It is so predictable. Ireland is done, until He who has the right returns and claims the throne by taking up the King's Sceptre currently buried in Ireland. The Irish are ancient Hebrews. Hibernia, the ancient name of Ireland is the aspirated 'Iber' as in 'h'iber. Iber is the ancient Hebrew word FOR Hebrew! The Milesian's was a later name for Irish Mariners. No, I think Ireland, as an Irish island if probably done, until the King again takes up King David's Sceptre. The Jewish mercantile thief is determined to make sure that never happens. There is a lot of Irish traitors between now and then to be processed.
The Irish national symbol is David's Harp for God's sake. The Hebrew are God's people, and the Jew is the stealers of the inheritance.

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Nemesis1 5 days ago

Very well said .

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Soldier1 6 days ago

It's destroying the world.

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GottMitUns 6 days ago (edited)

I have been to both Northern Ireland) and Ireland many times and it just shows you the replacement plan that (/(they)) have. Funny enough the IRA can blow up and shoot whites but the guns and bombs are silent when it's non whites.

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The IRA were Irish Catholics in the main who had more in kin with Western Scotland than the English Anglo-Saxons who were Protestant by and large. By virtue of Queen Elizabeth and later Cromwell's invasions of Ireland they were seen as invaders, which they were and political purposes for Ireland were financed and pushed by Jewish Mercantile interests who owned much of English land and Aristocracy. The IRA is the same old war between the Jew who desires the demise of the Hebrew. In the Irish case, primarilly against the Northern Irish O'Neills the Jews used the Anglo-Saxons to do their dirty work. As per usual. The trouble with the Hebrews (Irish and Scots especially) is their inability to unite and recognise the activity of the Jew bought traitors amongst them. Not criminal enough. They take people at their word. The Jew has no 'word', not in any sense the noble Hebrew would understand.

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Bond0077 6 days ago

I know what to do about it, do you?

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yeah , we are going to have to murder millions of shitskins , then stop feeding africa and let them starve and die from aids , hopefully all the anti white media wakes enough people up . looking forward i am here in the usa , i was thinking in 2024 i could split about 40 percent of the vote off running for president as a 3rd party , then i will make sure to destroy every threat to my people

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@whites_are_the_master_race: There is currently 400 Million or so African's alive today, breathing and breeding, as a DIRECT result of African foreign aid by European tax payers and generosity. All this has done since the moronic days of 'Band Aid' has been to insulate African's from NORMAL natural inhibitors to their breeding. No African nation has done anything for themselves. None. Africans are just like flies who only breed and consume carcasses and the few who could do something and have tried are either slaughtered by machetes or of the wrong tribe. Just stop ALL Jewish instigated African foreign aid and let nature take it's course and you won't need Aids. Africa itself will do the job just fine.

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