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The Lost History of Flat Earth /A Unifying Theory of All Hidden History by ewaranon

Published on 15 Jun 2021 / In Flat Earth

⁣A Unifying Theory of All Hidden History

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SaxonWarrior 14 days ago

Eugenics was NOT the "driving ideology" of the NS platform in Germany!! The NS wanted the jew bankers and communists out of their country because they had completely ruined and corrupted Germany!! The Germans did NOT gas jews or harm them in any way. EVERY person in the rehabilitation camps , whether jew or not were there because they were CRIMINALS who had been tried and convicted in a German court of law for acts such as treason, murder, extortion, etc!!

Myth Of German Villany (MP3)

Germany's War by John Wear (pdf)

The MeinKampf Project

Truthful documented evidence that the ho lohoax was a total LIE as well as almost everything else you have heard about WW1 and WW2!!

Radio Albion - Sven Longshanks

The Greatest Story Never Told


CommunismByTheBackdoor by Dennis Wise

The Real Hit ler

Other Losses!! A Documentary About Allied War Crimes/Gen ocide Of The German People After The War!!

Eisenhower's(the j e w) American Death Camps On The Rhine

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SaxonWarrior 14 days ago

This guy is talking about selling White children as simply "children being sold into child labor" and/or "orphanages", THIS WAS SLAVERY!! The White race has been the victims of slavery FAR worse than any other race, in fact in America there were approx 3 times as many White slaves as negroid and the percentage of negroid families who owned slaves was far higher than White families, jews however owned the most slaves by far about 85% of all slaves and jews wholly ran the Transatlantic slavery along with their arab and negroid partners!! WHITES ARE OWED REPARATIONS FROM NEGROIDS AND JEWS!!

Books to read:

1) To Hell Or Barbados

2) Wh ite Sla very in the Barbary States by Charles Sumner

3) Wh ite Cargo by Don Jordan and Michael Walsh

4) Proclamation 1625: America's En sla vement of the Irish by Herbert L. Byrd, Jr

5) They Were Wh ite And They Were Sla ves by Michael A. Hoffman II

6) Without Indentures: Index To Wh ite Sl ave Children In Colonial Court Records by Richard Hayes Phillips PhD

Little Known Facts About the Antebellum South

Wh ite Cargo

Hidden Facts About Slavery In America

Historic Facts About Sla very And The Sham Called BLM!!

The Privelege They Erased From School's History Books

Dr William Luther Pierce - Dec 20, 1997 thru Dec 21, 1998, Auschwitz Center For Wh ite Sla vetrade In Poland

Hollywood Is A Whorehouse & Israel's Sla vetrade Of Wh ite People!!

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SaxonWarrior 14 days ago (edited)

This person says there were no civil engineers in America between 1817-1825 which is total nonsense and NOT true. Engineers or scientists may not have been called "civil engineers" but we certainly had the skills and knowledge to design roads, bridges, canals, intricate buildings, etc!! Also, this guy assumes that the White race was "primitive and a under developed people" which is just ridiculous and shows how ignorant he is, my ancestors have been designing and building amazing structures, castles, bridges, roadways, aqueducts, canals, clocks, artworks, machinery, etc for hundreds perhaps thousands of years, this just shows his ignorance of history and logic!! The White race has built the pyramids of Egypt and S America, the Great Wall of China, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the amazing castles of Europe, etc. I put forth that we have actually become dumber not smarter as time has gone by because we have been subjected to a jewish slave system put in place now for at least 200 years which has worked to dumb us down, just intelligent enough to "push the buttons and pay your taxes" so to speak!! The dark races were/are certainly primitive, especially the sub-Saharan negroid and aborigines of Australia. This is another problem with multiculturalism(Marxism, judaism), people aren't honest about the races and their capacities which further serves to devolve our White societies!! Multiculturalism is evil!!

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eathos101 26 days ago

Some people dont have a voice for narrating

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abracadabra 2 months ago

the scythians hold the keys to the past and the present

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