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The Martinez Perspective (May 2, 2022): Media Blacks Talk About Whites' "Genetic Makeup" to Terrorize

Published on 03 May 2022 / In News & Politics
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SaxonWarrior 2 months ago

That non-White "thing" cannot possibly be Christian, to be a Christian means that YOU ARE A PURE WHITE MAN OR WOMAN!! Christianity is ALL ABOUT RACE NOT BEHAVIOUR, A CORRECTLY TRANSLATED AND INTERPRETED BIBLE IS A HISTORY BOOK NOT A RELIGIOUS BOOK!! The bible was written for the descendants of Adam (THE WHITE RACE) EXCLUSIVELY, it also contains prophecy that was given EXCLUSIVELY to prove that the White race is the true chosen of God and to prove that God is real and that HE is the God and Creator of White people exclusively, only the White race has fulfilled all prophecy in the bible no other race even comes close!! The bible is wholly a racial book commanding separation from other races, it also declares that miscegenation, diversity, multiculturalism, is pure evil !! It also says that satan is primarily jews but also ALL other non-Whites, ALL NON-WHITES ARE SERPENT SEED, BRANCHES OF THE (FAMILY) TREE OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL!!

White people have been mind fucked into believing a whole set of lies about the bible, who the Israelite people are, and race!!


Historic Proof Of Israel's Migrations

Israel's Fingerprints

Biblical Canaanites, Who Are They?

Heirs To The Covenant

This is a set of podcasts with historical, archaeological, linguistical, biblical, cultural, etc proof that the Israelites without doubt migrated west and formed the European nations, they are called Saxon, Celtic, Nordic, Germanic, etc peoples today. The Israelites are not arabs, jews, or negroids they are the White race!!

Your Heritage(Europeans are the Israelite people)

In Defence of Christian Identity: My Answer to Ted Pike

The Biblical Standing of the Non-Adamic (Non-Wh ite) Races - Podcasts and Commentary

Do We All Descend From Adam & Eve?

Identifying the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

Early Two Seedline Reiterated

A Critical Review Of The Sheep & The Goats by Bertrand Comparet

Special Notice To All Who Deny Two-Seedline - Part 1(There are 21 parts to this)

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drutsohg 2 months ago

Martinez was my favorite for a while, but he got dogmatic and kicked me off his telegram channel twice. The last time I was kicked off for saying Russia is 80% white and provided sources. So he turned his awesome show and platform into a church where they ignore facts now

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