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The Moon Landing - Stanley Kubricks Message

Published on 22 Aug 2021 / In Moon Landings

⁣The Moon Landing - Stanley Kubricks Message

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DeathToJWO 27 days ago

Then they put out dr sleep, a continuation of the shinning where an ancient secret group kidnap children with the shine and tortures them feeding on their pain and fear till they are dead. Kind of like jewish child sacrifice rituals...

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TheRealmcGoy1 27 days ago


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JamesRay 27 days ago (edited)

The moon is a disk of light, not a ball of rock. You cannot land on it because its not a solid object. <br>The "star in moon" symbol muzzies and masonic lodges use comes from observation, at times you can actually see stars in the blacked out part of a cresent moon. If it were a solid object you would never be able to see stars through it. Why do you think the evening moon is blue? Its because you see blue sky through it.

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IdahoBen 27 days ago (edited)

Wow, all these lies are being revealed.

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Wicked01 27 days ago

As for moon landing forgot to say...load of fkin bollocks!

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