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The Mysterious Gelatin Art Group Living in WTC prior to 911

Published on 29 Dec 2021 / In 911

⁣the "art group" and the "Israeli Art Students."

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1ARICHARDhead 2 days ago

Those cardboard boxes research the letters & numbers on them??? You will find It's an explosive detonator made by the U.S. Army to be used with Thermite.

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Hollow Towers.

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TheRealmcGoy1 28 days ago

All this evidence so far ,made by regular people .... doent it make you sick ,when you think aboit the traitors getting away with everything all the time 🤷‍♂️

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Freedom 28 days ago

There are many types of 'arts'. Like the 'art' of war. Have no doubts they were involved. To set all the explosives needed to take the buildings down, it would have to be very high level people involved.

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DTTSOSXXX 28 days ago

And just like all criminal lawless mass murdering fake ass jews , they are freely walking the streets , immune to the law and prosecution. This is the truth , so help me God !

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constitution_89 28 days ago

Those boxes that these Scum walled themselves in with to Hide (as All Jew's are known for) all they were doing were identified by someone who knew what the code numbers on the boxes were supposed to be packed in those boxes and were ID'd as a certain type of FUSE for a certain type of explosives but that's as much as I can remember being stated about them.
And I DO Believe these guys were rigging up Explosives for the 9-11 Event that no Normies would believe much less understand that IsraHELL and it's Mossad Definitely Did 9-11 and IsrealHELL should have looked like Berlin in April of 1945 within weeks after 9-11 and Most if not ALL Jew's Should have been EXPELLED from America as they had been So Many times in a few dozen Countries in Europe over the last 500 years as they had been in England until that Prick Limey and Irish Hater Oliver Cromwell let back in after being Bribed to back in the 16th or 17th century.
They should also have been EXPELLED from the U.S after 1913 and their so-called "Federal Reserve Act" was signed by the Biggest Traitor in American history that was Pres. Woodrow Wilso who should have been dragged Out of the White House in early January 1914 and HANGED summarily for doing along with a bunch of other Traitors and International Luciferian Talmudic Jew Banker Criminal Scumbags. Hopefully, America Will have it's revenge One Day and hopefully Soon.

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Freedom 27 days ago

@constitution_89: Agree, but I think it has went so far that God will be the one taking out revenge.

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Bond0077 27 days ago

Glad you said that,'art of war'. This would be classed as 'sabotage', in method and execution. The bonus awards contributed to the 'grand master' ranking of Lucky Larry. Sabbatean is the root of all sabotage. The house was brought down with 45° cuts to the main vertical steel columns, followed by inserted charges to initiate the pancaking effect. The organisation is in Jeb Bush's account if he can be made to give it

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