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⁣The next phase of "mark of the beast"!

Published on 29 Apr 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣The next phase of "mark of the beast"!

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WhiteNight 2 months ago

folks that do not see a conspiracy but just a theory.., there you have it here and this is NOT a theory

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Fender 3 months ago

Sounds good to me.

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PAH4RMP 3 months ago

What I see coming out of this, is that all the nice, sophisticated folks, recently imported from Cameroon, Lybia, Niger and Chad will exercise great patience and skillfully learn how to use these new banking terminals, as they assimilate to their new lives in Europe.

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Freedom 3 months ago

Got to love the loud mouth woman in the back ground who can't stay silent long enough for her leader to make a video. He needs to control her better.

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AppalachianAmerican 3 months ago (edited)

All the comments saying, "I will not yaddaya etc.." -just remember the immortal words of Uncle Carlin: "They own have owners." (very blackpilling)

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