I am Gravely Disappointed in the powers that be that have my dear brother Mr. Bond in shackles, This is a travesty of justice of the highest magnitude and needs to be reviewed, As Per my letters I write weekly. If you notice brothers and sisters...The new ad here at our beloved WTV. Please feel free to click the ad and it will take you to the information needed to drop Mr. Bond a letter or a postcard as well as updates on trials and proceedings and commisary for him. "Strength And Honor"

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The Noahide Deception

Published on 05 May 2021 / In Uncategorized

went through congress in secret and Signed into US law by george the zio cunt bush.

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1 year ago

That pastor Hagee is one bad apple.

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aLIFEofLIES 1 year ago

Yeah. Televangelism is spiritual rot. I keep telling my 89 yo mother but she keeps watching. Television is owned by satan and he won't allow anything or anybody access that doesn't bend knee to him. I watched a video of a jew bragging about not being worried about anti-semitism in america because he has 30,000 Christian churches across america that they control. I know about the 501c3 churches. My guess there are more that are not 501c3 than there is under his control.

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