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The Order of Death (Alex Jones)

Published on 27 Sep 2020 / In Conspiracies

Alex Jones discover the New World Order and their links to freemasonry and the Illuminati.

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Roston Bolt
Roston Bolt 3 months ago
franciscopollardo 10 months ago

This shit is true. The rituals presented are and were in fact, an order of evil. Who the fock uses a scull and bones symbol? Himmler was a nut job, but Hitler was not. The Jews keep telling us that Hitler was a player in this kind of shit. Totally false. Since the SS used the skull and bones symbol, they are evil, but the Jews and the rich use the same symbol, and they are not evil. Double standard. Fock the elite homosexuals and their Jew friends.

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Sven 10 months ago

Hitler did not engage in that shit, the controlled opposition new age "truther" community keeps trying to say "well the illuminati is bad, but so are the nazis!" Yeah right. Hitler was fighting for God and for Truth, they were fighting to free themselves from the satanic jewish central bankers

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