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The origin story of gypsycrusader

Published on 20 Nov 2020 / In People & Blogs

you can find this mans awesome work on :

Note: making any accounts on any websites i suggest you use a fake email generator. it is much safer than using an authentic one. i recommend this one :

also please use Ublock origin extension from the chrome web store while you browse, this cuts down on viruses and malware. And it also prevents support of any zionist websites. If you truly care about supporting someone, then give the money directly to the creator.

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Have you ever wondered just WHY, as a white person, you will stand ALONE if need be against an injustice? Have you ever wondered just WHERE that feeling of rage comes from? The niggers don't have it. The Jews most certainly don't. There are even whites who, as you say, are MERCENARIES for the Jew or whoever will bow down or help them shine their 'shiny' badge and they find that they're unable to experience the rage against evil anymore, UNLESS someone pays them. It's not cops alone of course, primarilly it's Judges and their conquered Courts. Their 'title' is THEIR shiny badge and they DEMAND you bow down and they DEFEND nothing with their Maritime, Corporate, Jew shill Law having long ago abandoned any concept of "Law of the Land". They're now paid by the 'merchants' (Jews for those who are blind) to enact injustice AGAINST the white man. That rage comes from the Living God above. So, if as a white man or woman, you have it and stand alone if need be, then KNOW that the rage you FEEL is PROOF POSITIVE that you are not yet the Devil's bitch.

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rambetter 10 months ago


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rambetter 10 months ago

Gypsycrusader is a very good speaker. He articulates his ideas very clearly and effectively.

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Nigger Faggotsson
Nigger Faggotsson 10 months ago

My hatred for the Negroes and their jewish masters grows ever day

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Them624s 10 months ago

That was powerful. Don't blame him one bit.

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