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The planned destruction of white western civilization

Published on 09 Oct 2021 / In Conspiracies

See Kalergi Plan, Albert Pike 3 World wars. Islam verses Christianity, UN migration Pact. We have traitors and infiltrators in our governmental positions of power...⁣Looks like a jewish dream/utopia. Everything is going according to plan..They must be removed....Rise up!

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Freedom 13 days ago

Its really this simple. When the people who want to destroy the world, run the world and have control of all the money, their goals will be accomplished. Its just a matter of when God intervenes to stop it.

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theliquidatedrabbi 13 days ago

Belt fed weapons are needed at the borders.

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drumbum 13 days ago

...with liquid cooling for sustained use.

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wtvideomem 13 days ago

I feel sorry for the smaller countries like Ireland, Norway or Greece, basically countries where you cannot pull the colonialist card. The globalist plan is evil and it clearly goes beyond the payback narrative.

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Bill 13 days ago

and nobody opens fire, where is this some sort of crown province what ?

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exposethejeugenda 13 days ago

everywhere, Europe, UK, USA......its the Plan....they took their weapons and Police work for the culprits JWO

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