The problem within

Horst Müller
Published on 24 Jul 2020 / In Travel & Events

'Best integrated' Parasites and Cancer in foreighn folks

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Earl Turner
Earl Turner 1 year ago

this movie cracked me up what a shit show

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卐卐卐 Schadenfreude 卐卐卐

This movie is as jewish as hollywood itself. Controlled opposition narrative based on an absolute ridiculous premise. Oyyveey. The self hating jew. lmfao. The main character should have been played by woody allen.

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iamfjk 2 years ago

All fake azz jews are child rapists - pedophiles - thieves - liars - cannibals and psychopathic mass murderers of White European's

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Dani M
Dani M 2 years ago

I am enjoying World Truth but they need to do some tinkering to make it more user friendly and interactive. I don't like that you can't reply to a person's comment, it's driving me nuts. I am reading these great comments and can't relay to the person who wrote it that I agree, other then the stupid "thumbs up" which isn't much, is it?
DARRYL DUNCAN, your comment is right on the mark, to put it simply. I try to spend at least an hour every day in normie comment sections, providing free educational assistance to any who may not yet be completely without hope. It is alarming to see how far gone the indoctrination has entrenched so many of our white brothers and sisters. I try to keep in mind with cyber world you have zero idea who you are dealing with. I can tell by how a male/female speaks if they are of my generation or if they are younger/older. Most of us do this, I'm sure. In all honesty, beyond GenerationX, I don't see a whole lot to have hope in. I was born into this wrecked world but at least they kept a good portion hidden and it wasn't so out in the open. I also lost interest in watching tv/seeing new movies by the mid to late 90s, so maybe it's different for people who stayed invested in the mainstream beast longer?

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2 years ago

Dani, you came over from Bitchute, right? Me too. Beneath a person's comment is a text bubble, the thumb-up, and the thumb-down. Just click on the text bubble to respond to the person's comment.

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Dani M
Dani M 2 years ago

Ohhhh I love this clip! I saw it in a compilation video a few months ago & now here it is again, nice!! I don't care for this jerk who is the actor here, but what he says is pure gold. I wonder if he knew what he is saying here is the holy grail of truth, or if he even cared?

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This Clip is good. The movie is propaganda crap.

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GnomeDude 2 years ago


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