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⁣The "covid shot" could very well cause permanent sterilization

Published on 09 Jun 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣The "covid shot" could very well cause permanent sterilization

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bannedforhatespeech 2 months ago

if the vaccine is contagious, we're looking at the end of the human race.

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Tors_Hammer 2 months ago

Google the Kaufman, Morgenthau and Hooton plan.
Three detailed plans for the Extermination of the German people written by Jews.
Sterilization and Immigration are the methods described.
Food additives and vaccines almost without exception affect fertility and brainfunctions.
Sound weird ? Yes ,but why do muslims birthrate drop like a rock when they move to European countries ?
Additives by jewish controlled firms like Monsanto, and jewish Jonas Salk (polio) started the wave of vaccines. Most if not all vaccines turns out were issued after the diseases had declined on their own.
Jewish organisations like the ADL have been pushing immigration into white countries (but not into Israel)
Have the extermination plans against the Germans been modified and now turned on the entire white (Christian) culture ?
I`m just asking.
Also google the Samson Option and the Kalergi-Plan

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DecodingReality 2 months ago

Joos consider the best of every other race to be a threat, just by existing. The great conspiracy researcher Alan Watt was Scottish, and his whole trajectory of thinking was extremely similar to my own, and I'm from the south of England.

I'm not too hung up on the individual nationalities. I think the different European groups need to recognise that they are in the same fight for survival, and put all other differences to one side to concentrate on this fight.

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Konigtiger1945 2 months ago

That’s what Kill Hates has had his World Hell Organisation working on for years! Tried and tested on wogs in India ffs! Looking at the dummies in the 💉queues it’ll be a good thing 😂

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tarzzan 2 months ago (edited)

great upload thank you we’ll win this one deo volente

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