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The R95 with exhalation valves, the mask material is stretchy and breathable for maximum comfort

Published on 11 Sep 2021 / In How-to & Style

⁣ ⁣Get ⁣The R-95 Reusable Face Mask Here

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shane127 17 days ago

get a life scumbag ,bill hicks hit the nail on the head with yous product pushing scum

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FrancoBlanco 17 days ago

Shill./Wrong Un...For..Promoting False Viruse, & Masks , and Compliance... for Profit... (This ..Like the Shopping Channel for the Sheeeeple..)

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heeed 17 days ago

shove your fucking mask up your fucking arse and fuck off away from this site you fear mongering kike shill

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anomaly 17 days ago

I think you may be confused about this website. How about instead of a mask.... I just punch the person in the face asking me about it? Nobody here would be interested in a mask for filtering because we all hate this jewish lie of the plandemic and the mask is just a symbol of your slavery to it. Masks don't do shit for a virus but they do make you look like a total faggot who is also dumb.

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Sibbeloth 17 days ago

These masks won't stop fear spread by the media from entering your body.

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