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The real and ugly face of Jews. What a liar nation

Published on 14 Sep 2021 / In Jewish Question


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rambetter 3 days ago


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Paulsmithatkins 3 days ago

Jewish Damage

Personally, I liked Bobby Fischer. He was a hell of a Jew-fighter. He dominated the Communist sport of chess, totally took it away from the Reds. Was he half-Jewish? Probably. Was he all Jewish? Maybe. To me, it doesn’t matter what someone is once he tells the truth. That’s all that matters. You can’t choose your relatives. I’m not real proud of what the Campbells did on behalf of the English. The tougher the truth, the better the man, or woman. Even if he was a little confused about Jesus, which is a more difficult handicap, I appreciate a guy speaking the truth about Jews, as he does here:

“Well, I’m hoping for revolution there and that the Jews be kicked out of power and get wiped out. I’d like to see a lot of top Jews get executed. Certainly, many tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of Jews should get executed in the US and the rest should go to some kind of concentration camp to be re-educated, however long it takes. Takes ten years, twenty years. Just keep them in there until they learn some morals and about decency and honesty and WORK. The Jews don’t like to work.

“That’s one of the things the Jews didn’t like about Hitler’s concentration camps. There were no gas chambers. That’s all baloney. But when you go into the camp, there’s a big sign, ‘Arbeit Macht Frei,” which meant, ‘Work Makes You Free.’ The Jews don’t believe in that. They believe you do all the work and they get all the benefit. They hate work. This is the problem with the Jews. They don’t like work.

“They are soft, flabby. Look, even the young Israeli soldiers, they’re soft! Even in their teens and early 20s, because they’re simply not used to work. Jews are not used to manual labor.

“They’re parasites. And they’ve been parasites for thousands of years.”

“But Bobby – execution? It’s too much, eh?”

“Well, no – I wish it was more. Maybe I said too few, few hundred thousands. Maybe it should be in the millions should be executed. But all the rest, all the other tens of millions should go to re-education camps, kind of like they did in Red China, until they learn something, so they accept Christ and decency. Admit the errors of their ways.

“Well, the world is in terrible shape because of the Jews. They’re driving the world toward extinction, with all these atom bombs and missiles and nuclear power plants. And now they’re in genetic engineering, which will just totally erase life as we know it if it continues. I mean, there’s just no end to this genetic engineering. They can start mixing fish with human and anything’s possible. It’s total madness. And this is just the beginning and this has to be stopped…

“So, they, the Jews have to be stopped. They have to be kicked out of power. They are criminal people, they’re totally insane. They mutilate their children. It just tells you right there that they’re crazy. They mutilate their children, the male babies on the eighth day… They have absolutely no right to do it. The only reason people let them get away with it is because they’ve been doing it for so long and they’re so goddamned powerful. This is really criminal and it shows, this one thing, tells you right there that the Jews are bastards. You’re not supposed to go any further. Now, you know, they’ve created all kinds of nonsense surrounding this that it’s beneficial. Bullshit! It’s not beneficial – it’s very, very harmful. It is harmful physically, it is harmful mentally. It is harmful in every way. It’s just a terrible crime. And they’re vicious.”

This was spoken after Chernobyl but long before Fukushima. The guy was brilliant and brave and died in 2008. The Jewish nuclear industry has as a well-known side effect the certainty of cancer from exposure to radiation. But even that is not the Jewish cancer damage I have in mind.

Can we calculate the damage to humanity done by Jews? The first great damage was Christianity. Whether you see it as a Jewish plot, as I do, or a pathetic reaction to Judaism to me doesn’t matter. The result is the same - capitulation. Lenin did a similar thing in Bolshevik Russia and the other republics: he created the opposition to Bolshevism so as to be able to guide and control it. Christianity is Jewish mind control, which the Jews pretend is anti-Jewish, yet presents absolutely no program for victory over Judaism, or over any form of coercion. Christianity is evil and has done us much more harm than Judaism itself. The actual war crimes of the American military were and are committed by Christians, or those raised with Christian values, however you care to define them. They haven’t got the guts to say no to Jewish orders to torture and murder.

Judaism, and its off-shoot Christianity, are the cancers of the intellect. They obliterate rational thinking and are designed to suppress all truth. Millions of American Christians believe if they don’t follow Jewish orders they won’t get to heaven!

Jewish monetary practices, known as fractional reserve banking, the lending of credit (nothing) and usury (lending nothing at interest), enriched Jews and impoverished the rest of us. Banking, speculation and finance capitalism are the great Jewish contributions to our economic condition.

Of course, the Einstein-Oppenheimer-Teller nuclear bomb may be the death of us all before it is our time to leave. This is the Jews’ great scientific contribution. We have lived, most of us, under the threat of Jewish nuclear incineration ever since they dropped two of their bombs on Japanese civilians in 1945. Now we learn that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were protected by the Jews from conventional bombing for the whole war so as to be able to test the effects of radiation on normal, previously undamaged cities.

Hollywood, modern art and pornography are the great Jewish contributions to our culture and have made it what it is.

Psychiatry is Jewish medicine. When Sigmund Freud sailed from Europe for America in 1909, he remarked to his Jewish colleagues on the cruiser, “The Americans think we are bringing them a panacea. We are bringing them a plague.” In other words, the Austrian Jews brought scientific Jewish mind control and the destruction of our dignity. Freud’s “psychoanalysis” paved the way for total Jewish domination of our minds through sexual degeneracy.

But this piece is about another form of Jewish damage you may not have heard of yet. Cancer. If you read that Jews caused the epidemic of cancer that has wiped out millions of us, what would you think? Because that’s exactly what happened, starting in 1954 and continuing to 1963. Two Jews, Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin, poisoned millions of us to death and put all of us in jeopardy.

Now I’m reading the most significant book in my lifetime of reading. Dr. Mary’s Monkey, by Edward Haslam. He probably wouldn’t be too happy about an endorsement from this writer, just as James Bacque wasn’t thrilled about my comments on his great books back in the Nineties.

Edward Haslam grew up in New Orleans and his father was a physician who worked with Dr. Mary Sherman, a prominent orthopedic surgeon who became involved with the study of cancer viruses, specifically monkey viruses.

Haslam’s book changes what we thought we knew about the New Orleans group involved in the JFK assassination – David Ferrie, Dr. Alton Ochsner, Guy Bannister, Lee Oswald and Clay Shaw. That’s how it starts. We get some background behind Jim Garrison’s attempts to bring them to justice (and justice to Oswald), attempts sandbagged by the CIA, FBI and Lyndon Johnson.

Then the book shifts gears and details Haslam’s years-long and reluctant investigation into the murder of Dr. Mary Sherman, who had been a friend of Haslam’s father. Dr. Mary was murdered by colleagues at the US Public Health Hospital after her right arm was blown off and disintegrated by a three-storey-tall linear particle accelerator being used covertly in that hospital for a top-secret project to fix what Dr. Salk and Dr. Sabin had done to us ten years earlier. And to create a cancer virus that could be used for assassination and perhaps mass murder. The doctors and technicians were persuaded they were doing a patriotic service to kill Castro and save the economic basis for New Orleans itself - continued business with a non-Communist Latin America.

When her colleagues saw that Dr. Mary Sherman was still alive, although blind and horribly maimed, she was stabbed in her heart and taken back to her apartment where a fake lesbian murder scene was concocted by mutilating her sexual organs and setting her corpse on fire, which would allow a corrupt coroner to explain how her arm and ribcage were burned away. It worked and the New Orleans PD went along with the lies. The killers had to do this to prevent exposure of their secret and illicit use of the linear particle accelerator to mutate and soup-up the monkey cancer viruses that could be used to kill Castro, which were used to kill Jack Ruby before his re-trial.

The main point I wish to make is that Drs. Salk and Sabin used diseased monkey organs to grow their “polio vaccines.” They either knew before or right after the mass inoculations that the monkeys had in their blood streams many cancer-causing diseases and that these diseases were injected into millions of us kids in the mid-‘50s. The epidemics in soft-tissue cancers such as skin, breast, lymph system and prostate cancers are the results of this massive Jewish crime against humanity. Our government’s health professionals knew when Salk first injected his monkey business into us in 1954 and children began developing polio or dying immediately what the problem was, but they said nothing! The other Jewish doctor, Sabin, sold us his live virus potion on sugar cubes in ’55 and we kids were relieved that there wouldn’t be any more shots. The US Public Health Service knew the extent of the crime after one hundred million doses had been administered and went ahead with another hundred million doses right up to 1963!

Most people probably didn’t believe the warnings that Jewish doctors must be shunned by Gentiles. Jews have always had the same agenda as that spelled out by the great Sanhedrin in Constantinople during the Inquisition in Spain when it advised the Spanish rabbis to pretend to convert to Christianity but have young Jews become doctors and apothecaries so that they could kill the Christians with poisons. Did Salk and Sabin mean to kill millions with the monkey cancers they gave us? Who cares! They did it. If they didn’t do it on purpose, they covered up their crime of mass murder by not saying a word of warning or remorse for using diseased monkey kidneys to grow their cultures. They were warned by non-Jewish scientists such as Dr. Bernice Eddy and Dr. Sarah Stewart but they went ahead anyway.

And now we know that AIDS was also the result of US government-made vaccines containing monkey cancers. Homosexuals were infected with free Hepatitis B vaccines and other poisoned elixirs provided by the US Public Health Service. The World Health Organization reportedly did the same to millions of Africans with poisoned small pox vaccines. Millions have been killed around the world by the Jewish poisoners.

Dr. Mary’s Monkey by Edward T. Haslam is in my opinion the most explosive and important book perhaps of all time. Of course he does not mention that Salk and Sabin were Jews.

Was it a coincidence that the mad scientists and CIA assets in New Orleans who started out experimenting with monkey viruses to counteract the hideous Salk and Sabin vaccines, which effort became to create the perfect and undetectable assassination virus to kill Castro, which then morphed into the assassination of John Kennedy? Well, once Kennedy fired Dulles, Cabell and Bissell over the Bay of Pigs, he was a dead man. Once he issued four billion dollars in debt-free US Notes, he was a dead man. Once he ordered an inspection of Israel’s nuke factory at Dimona, he was a dead man. The New Orleans crowd was in the assassination business, so it was natural for them to get involved.

Lee Oswald had apparently penetrated this disease factory and, according to author Haslam, was probably working for the Attorney General, Bobby Kennedy, who was tasked by his brother with keeping the CIA under control following the Bay of Pigs disgrace, overseen by Richard Nixon. This is probably why Oswald was set up by his CIA superiors to take the blame and the bullet from his “friend,” Jack Ruby, who had worked for Nixon since the late ‘40s.

Nixon himself as vice-president had been tasked by Eisenhower to rehabilitate the US Public Health Service after its catastrophic mass inoculations of millions of us kids with monkey cancer viruses. We know damn well that Nixon and his Cubans were involved in the Dallas murders. Nixon of course knew about the mass cancer deaths that were coming but didn't tell us.

It’s all quite interesting and intertwined, the business of death. The point of this piece, though, is that the death business, whether it’s Murder, Inc., the nuclear bomb, the Irgun or the US Public Health Service’s polio “vaccine” which lead to millions of cancer deaths – it’s one big Jewish machine.

Jews must be removed from power, just as Bobby Fischer said years ago. Many, many of them, what I call the rabbinical class, must be executed. The rest must be removed from society and forced to reconsider, to reflect upon the errors of their ways.

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ARYAN VIKING 3 days ago (edited)

I would shut him up. Jews create the money everyone uses which allowed them to control Germany with the Weimar Republic as soon as President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. This was nothing but a crime of TREASON which allowed an enemy group of murderers to become dictators. They simply pay out their manufactured money for services and when you understand that this money of the Jews gives them control of our Presidents and our police departments, our Laws and everything else you see that these Jews have murdered billions of people worldwide. We have laws allowing us to go to prison without reason, wrongfully, while District Attorneys can pay off people to lie in court to make a prosecution look legal yet the police selectively do not arrest the worst criminals and that is because the money controls won't allow their arrest. This is treason which works for the Jews only while banks issue money they create. All of our authorities could be arrested and sentenced in a court of law as TRAITORS if this money ever stops being issued.

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TheRealmcGoy1 3 days ago

Something is not right about what he is saying ...
His parents where exterminated ,but learned him and his siblings something about ....what ... surviving the hoax with lies ..?🤔

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pater409 4 days ago

Dr. Finkelstein isn't fucking around; he's the real deal. The way he ripped that girl a second asshole was absolutely priceless and perhaps unprecedented in the context of Israeli - Palestinian relations. Finkelstein has repeatedly been thrown under the bus by his own people, but he refuses to back down. He refuses to assume the role of the crying, whining, kvetching, pathologically lying, gutless coward that fits so many JEWS like a glove. The cynical, hateful, child-abusing, hook-nosed JEW cannot tolerate exposure to the truth, and far less so when one of his own people is throwing it in his face.

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AppalachianAmerican 4 days ago (edited)

Finklestein's typical lying Jew non-sequitur response.

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