The Real Tradwives of The Alt Right

Published on 15 Sep 2020 / In Comedy / Animation

Such lovely, wholesome trad wives!

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JimB 12 months ago


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wnc817 10 months ago

Real, traditional nigger-loving?

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Mako 2 years ago


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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 2 years ago

MOSTLY good info,

taking clips of someone from 10 and 15 years ago
does not reflect who they are today especially
in an era where nearly all of us truthseekers
were RAPIDLY changing our beliefs based on new information found.

all truthseekers i know only began this process
starting around 2007 or so; my own awakening was 2009 but
did not yet include the jews, or trump's jewyness, yet.
if you had videotaped me in 2010 it would have me saying
some things i utterly am 180 degrees against today.

in my personal case, there is very little of the good that
i was not already pointed towards since age 2;
but there are many fake-good things i have learned to be against
in all my years, and i find this a normal process for all of us.
in 1992 i supported bush sr., by 2010 i considered him
one of the most vile satanists on earth.
my wife voted for obama in 2008, by 2010 she was against him.
this is normal.

i learned of faith goldy's zionism on the same day and vidclip
that RedIce learned of it and they spoke of it immediately;
having had faith on their show only 6 months prior.
i think the clip was from faith herself at rebel media.

lauren southern is massively exposed by many now.
tila tequila came from the jew entertainment industry and was never considered legit by anyone,
much the same as noone considered milo snuffalupagus anything but an attention and money seeking sucker of dick.

MOST of the persons in this vid clearly want fame, money, adoration,
and may or may not be on the jew payroll but that is moot when
someone seeks fame, money, adoration;

the kjv warns this is failboat
and real life experience to me proves it is failboat.
the kjv is not inerrant at all, but it has mostly good info;
it was altered for evil reasons just like nearly everything we see.
[ex.: Matthew + Mark vs. Luke, 2 thieves railed or 1 did, it can't be both.]

"rebel" is a satanic concept, and so is "renegade", i recommend
you re-think your org name as well as your id, just my advice.
words utterly matter, and they indicate hidden codes or lack of knowledge.
i spoke to many mil guys wearing the "infidel" patch pointing out
that "if someone called you a fag, would you wear a patch saying yeah i'm a fag" ?

i am not infidelic to allah - i never had any belief in allah.
if an islamer calls me a infidel i tell him his fake god is fake and sucks cock in hell.
fun ensues. my kind of fun. righteous violence is righteous.

i have not seen sufficient evidence against RedIce, but i am always open to info.
i do not "follow" any persons anyway, i follow evidence.

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iSippi 2 years ago

no yo

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Freethinking_Vladimir 2 years ago

What did Lacey Lynn do? Kikes like Gold and Southern, that I could understand. And I don't like that thousand-cock-stare "Blonde Beast" but I have nothing on her either.

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 2 years ago

" that thousand-cock-stare" - LMAO

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