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The River Of Joo-Joo Cum

Published on 16 Jun 2022 / In Comedy / Animation

From The "Guardian of the Rune" Episode of Murdoch-Murdoch

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Spectralwulf 11 days ago

Red team is often weak and treacherous, but team blue is far more ruinous and destructive to our future. Not supporting T R only empowers the will of the extreme degenerates in T B. It doesn't take much of your time to at least vote to keep wokeness from seizing political control of your local area. Once a place turns dark blue, they never come back or recover. They make policies that insure their future dominance where they can violate your Rights and are too entrenched to remove from power by voting. Those ignoring this reality and avoiding participation are in essence helping totalitarian communists dig the pit deeper from which we must eventually climb out of or perish as a nation.

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