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The Satanic Mongrel Jew Beast that is Communism, PART 1

White Power
Published on 02 Sep 2021 / In Documentry Films Worth Watching

⁣Check out these other great channels from fine brothers (if you havnt already):

Will add more as i remember them, if i am leaving anyone out that has recommended me, PLEASE let me know and i will add your channel to the list!!

I am now starting to re-upload all 1500 videos that took me 3 years to upload on bitch-chute, i'll be uploading some new(er) ones along the way. Some things that you MUST understand are that...the hook nosed evil mongrel disease that call themselves "jews" are NOT the Israel of the Bible, the White race is. They are NOT of Shem, the White race is, therefore when they use the term "anti-semite" they're using it falsely claiming to be of Shem. They are NOT true Hebrew, again that applies to the White race only. They are NOT of the tribe of Judah, the White race of (primarily) Germany are the TRUE Judaites, so when they call themselves "jews" they're FALSELY claiming to be the tribe of Judah which they are NOT. What they are is filthy cainite mongrels, the murderers and liars of the planet. The war the evil hook nosed pigs wage against Gods TRUE chosen people, the White Race, still rages on MANY millennia later and the evil ones MUST be completely destroyed or everything in creation will continue to suffer and die because of them!!! Understand that those who have built ALL great civilizations are the White Race and the White Race ONLY, those are the FACTS!!!!!!! The hook nosed pigs are RACE MURDERERS and HERITAGE STEALERS, just like their nigger brothers!!!!!!! I add new links below from time to time so always look through them closely for any changes!!!

Please visit: for some GREAT Biblical truths!!!!!!!
& (WEBSITE DOWN, but may be back - Free Aryan Music and more) (Free Aryan Music Downloads) (Third Reich Books interpreted into English for sale)

PLEASE help to spread this healing truth to awaken ALL your Aryan brothers and sisters!!!!!!!

Alle Juden müssen sterben!!!!!!!

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Dani 14 days ago

There are a lot of young foolish whites that very much need to see this.

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Dani 14 days ago

The lowest levels of society are being "artificially elevated", while the higher levels are now being restrained - yes, this perfectly describes the U.S. today and it's replacing the white man with the subhuman negro in all aspects of our society - and we clearly see the degrading effects.
What I have come to see as the worst part of all of this is the stupid, brainwashed, younger generation white people who are eagerly helping this cause, having no freaking idea they are helping bury themselves. As much as I loath the parasitic jew, I am coming to hate these white fools who are hell bent on speeding up the process of the Kalergi Plan. God help we whites. I refuse to lose hope and will keep plugging away at trying to wake up these unwitting traitors of their own race.

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White Power
White Power 14 days ago

Amen to that sister and very true comment. You are the same Dani i used to see on bitchute arent you?

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ManofSteel 1 month ago

On the topic of Aryans being gods and being God’s holy creation, I found it interesting that some non-whites like the Amerinds of South America casually express that that they were created and ruled by Aryans. They don’t go out of their way to hide it. Non-whites in general love it when their son or daughter marry an Aryan (which is disgusting and must be condemned). It goes to show that non-whites can express how much they hate us, but deep down, they wish they were pure like us. All around the world, you can find non-whites getting nose surgeries for thin noses and skin whitening products and blonde or red hair dye. In a way, we’re gods in the eyes of non-whites. Thus, we need to stay away from them or they’ll screw everything up.

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White Power
White Power 1 month ago

Truly we are gods, the sons/offspring of our Father, the Almighty God.

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White Power
White Power 2 months ago

And of course, if anyone is wondering, its the known jew "ellockjack" that thumbed this video down. I knew it was a jew the first time i seen it. Recently it insulted the Waffen SS in the tribute video i uploaded saying they are damned twice as much by satan or some such shit because of the title of this video. Unfortunately i deleted that bastards comment there without even taking a screenshot, and now i'm kicking myself in the butt because of it, that would be enough to show anyone what a subversive kike bitch it is.
That account (ellockjack) has been subbed to be for many months, it always tries to stay silent and hidden, only showing up to post little subtle insults, but that bitch really outed itself now with the last 2 comments it made, one here and the one that i unfortunately deleted.
If that isnt solid proof that the piece of shit is a jew twat, i dont know what else you'd need.

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Whitmann 2 months ago

This is not folklore but a true fact, Jesuit indoctrinated communist "comandante" Fidel Castro was castrated by direct orders of the former mulatto presidente of cuba, Fulgencio Batista...

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