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Published on 29 Aug 2022 / In Covid 19 84 / HoloCough

⁣Jim Fetzer - "Brilliant Indian-American virologist/immunologist Poornima Wagh blows the lid off the SCAM that was/is the "Covid-19 Pandemic." Interviewed by Regis Tremblay on July 9, 2022. Poornima Wagh, 2 PhDs in Virology and Immunology, 20 yr career as a Lab researcher and scientist, destroys the Covid scam with proof in language even a layman like me can understand. Who benefits? Big Pharma and its owners (not shareholders), Gates, Fauci whom she calls criminals, using words like “fraudulent,” “deliberate,” “planned and premeditated.” (a must watch/download/share)
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SeekinYah 3 months ago

"global" ... "planet"
Still don't get it despite all their post-nominals and other fictitious appellations.

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m0rglee 3 months ago

*due to (not despite). ;)

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Beingoflight 3 months ago

Thank you for posting videos like this, to wake up the sheep, the contribution of Mr. Louis Marschalko is excellent, thank you very much.

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Louis Marschalko
Louis Marschalko 3 months ago

A study from Thailand found that at least 29 percent of children who received Pfizer’s mRNA COVID-19 vaccine experienced potentially life-threatening heart complications.

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nimblehorse 3 months ago


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