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The Scots-Irish musical legacy in the USA

Published on 22 Dec 2021 / In Entertainment

⁣The Scots-Irish musical legacy in the USA

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Veritas 29 days ago

My apologies for my first comment herein. I errantly hit “delete” instead of “edit” thus it was sent to the cyber bin. Long live our Aryan people. Merry Christmas!

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Veritas 29 days ago

Irish… the most enslaved, conscripted, and indentured of all “European” peoples. If not for the enslaved (conscripted) Irish immigrants arriving in the 1860’s United States… the U.S. “North” would have never won its Civil War. Long live the Irish and Scots too!

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Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest

Agree, the South was filled with Ulster Scots mostly but the ethnic Irish came in droves to the north and were thus conscripts in the northern army. They eventually protested in New York i think and created one of the bigger states draft riots in American history.

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Ulsterrich 29 days ago

I’m born and raised in Northern Ireland ancestry going back to the celts . I got my ancestry done couple of years back Doing family tree . Got notifications I shared Some ancestors with some Americans in kentucky tennessee virginia ohio area .
Just shows how connected we as a people are .

Really enjoying all the Ulster Scots/ American history

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bannedforhatespeech 30 days ago

I'm a little Irish myself.

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ARYAN VIKING 30 days ago (edited)

My family bloodline is all Scots-Irish which means there are a lot of men with the last name of Duncan and we all play a musical instrument and sing. Banjo, guitar, piano, saxophone, trumpet, jug, all are used in our family get-togethers and everyone sings from the youngest children to the old. My generation and bloodline dies when I do unless I have a son and at age 58 I don't think I will propagate. Still we carry the traditions of our people and remember our roots of geneaology all the way down to who beget who all the way to the beginning. A Dragon is on our shield and Clan name. All of us are workers of the land and bank Presidents and engineers for Boeing and IBM and schoolteachers. When I came along the police of America had already placed me on their target list and I knew that Jews were doing everything to end our bloodline. They only have power by issuing their own creation of money. Girls are blond and boys begin that way or the hair turns reddish as we get older. Green eyes and blue eyes. Very White skin that burns in summer.

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