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The Scourge of God - They're back

Published on 07 Aug 2022 / In Wars / Military Industrial Complex

Recent Chinese military video that I added a more barbarous feel to. Music: Wolf Totem by The Hu band.

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chopchip2023 8 months ago

the state is at war with its people and dominates and controls them by building a military apparatus complete with calls to duty, marching bands, parades and incentives, medals, stripes, promotions, and high casualty numbers in fabricated staged "conflicts".

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theliquidatedrabbi 8 months ago

These little chink bastards would roll over our current pillow biting army. After the Clintons and Israel sold them all of our technology they really took off with their projects.

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Spectralwulf 8 months ago

@theliquidatedrabbi: The greatest threat from them is treachery and 5th columnists in the US. JCOS General Mark Milley admitted he would give his Chinese counterpart a heads up if the US launched an attack against Beijing. We can't trust our political or military leaders when it comes to China anymore. China has too many bought off and compromised. For example our navy wouldn't win a sea battle if all our satellite coms were suddenly shut down while the Chinese still possess theirs. We'd need to purge the military of commie agents before risking anything against them.

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Europeanflower 8 months ago

i give one dolla for chinaman, yes

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Spectralwulf 8 months ago

@Europeanflower: They are indeed a weak people individually but their collective strength is massive and monstrous. They can afford to take losses that we can't. They are willing to sacrifice as many of their own as necessary to achieve their aims.

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Spectralwulf 8 months ago (edited)

If lions come we'll fight until the end,
If tigers come, we'll fight and battle,
If elephants come we'll fight in rage,
If humans come we'll fight and obliterate,

If you come as snakes,we'll become Garuda birds and fly over you,
If you come as tigers we'll face you as lions with blue mane,
(If you come with evil intentions, we'll give you a fight)

ten of us will strike you as thunder,
hundred of us will shatter your hearts,
Thousand of us will destroy and obliterate,
Ten thousand will hand you the wrath of heaven,
If you come as flood we'll fight until death,
If you come swarming we'll scatter you around,
If you come flying we'll shoot you down with archery,
If you come charging we'll slice you with swords,
let's cut through them with speed of flying falcons,
let's burn within as the hearts of wolves,
let's stampede with our horses,
let's defeat them with the wisdom of our great Khan Ghengis

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