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The Secret Stalin-Churchill Pact - WWII Soviet Bolshevik Atrocities

Published on 22 Jun 2021 / In History


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ARYAN VIKING 3 months ago

This is how the Jews operate but if they all die in the next war there won't be anyone left to pay for assassination.

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mics972 3 months ago

@DARRYL DUNCAN: Sorta like our National Debt.
A Nation In The Servitude Of Debt, Can Not Be Free!

The Only Answer I Have Darryl, Is A Person In Debt
Is A Slave, So A Nation In Debt Is Also " A SLAVE ! "

So Whom Are Our Owners ; - P

George Carlin
'I kinda like it when a lot of people die' recorded 2 days before 911. Grow up!
Video :
- George Carlin has been misleading everyone.
It's the white race rich that own everything while in reality it's the Zionist Jews.
He was a paid misleader like Sebastian Maniscalo now and non comedians like:
Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, Joe Rogan, brother Nathanael etc.
It's still relevant because 911 2 Hoover Dam still has to happen..

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mics972 3 months ago

Ask Stalin, Where Oh Where Did Tartara Go ? ? ?
The most brutal Murderers of all White Europeans were done by Roman Christians,
Killing off millions of White Pagans! - Estimated at over 9 million in all of Europe.

These Romans Conquerors that brought with them their "JESUS" in Judaic Catholicism brought much death and destruction upon the face of old Europe.

Even today the Christian church 'openly' respects the Jews of Israel and
even promotes open borders and race mixing!

Information that is generally accepted as truth by the Neopagan community
what is known about the "Great Pagan Genocide" was actually White Genocide!

What really happened was:

1. The total number of victims was probably 9 million as many NeoPagans believe.

2. Although alleged witches were burned alive or hung over a 8' century intervals --
from the 15th to the 18th century. However; The vast majority of the White
European Genocide during the 'Dark Ages' were tried, between the years
1550 and 200 years, after Jesus Christ, this during the great Roman
expansion to the North.

3. Some of the Nordic race worshiped their GOD's of Norse. While English Isles
they worshiped their own Pagan deities.

4. Most of the White European victims were all male died, the young women and
children kept for slaves of the Roman priesthood as Rule of Law of the Christian
church was commanded them to convert to Christ Jesus, or face the certain
consequence of a horrible death.

5. Most of the European victims were out right brutally murdered and the midwives
were then raped and Killed, this was done by the Roman soldiers mostly.

6. The majority of Pagan victims were all male. And older women and
nursing infants were all to be immediately Killed!

7. Most of Europe and the Western half Russia were all conquered.
The Roman Catholic league ruled with complete force over these
territories, installing their banks and their Christian churches as
cathedrals built from the gold and jewelry from these now dead
White Europeans.

7. Even the Eastern Russian Orthodoxy church conquest had many Killings en mass :
" In parts of the Russian Orthodox far East, and Tartaria! The White race was
totally destroyed there by the Russian Bolsheviks in a secret soviet Communist
struggle, and establishing the control of the Russian Orthodoxy over Tartaric
land and cities were completely burned down in a great fire and placing the
remainder of the White people into work camps, called gulags in far Eastern
North Siberia lands. The White genocide there also in the millions!

What Would Jesus Do? - Probably Go To Japan!

And so Jesus went to Japan and became a garlic farmer, and he lived til 106 years old and
he had children. This story line is also; Officially Recognized by the State of Israel!

Is the Christian religion really about Jesus, or is it a means of Jewish control?

So when Chaplain Bob Walker says, "Who Killed Jesus? " Say What? - WHAT!

Truth Can Be Stranger Than Fiction, After All ...

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Whitmann 3 months ago (edited)

Didn't realized that today was the anniversary of operation "Barbarossa", 22 of June 1941, until I Watched this video (slipped my mind) thanks...

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ReichTube 3 months ago

I'll post a video about Operation Barbarossa tonight

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Whitmann 3 months ago

@ReichTube: Danke. I'll watch it...

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