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The strong survives

Published on 24 Dec 2020 / In Video Vault

Only the strong survives. To win, you must defeat your enemy.

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frogsgottalent 9 months ago

" TheCommunist soul is the soul ofJudaism. Hence it follows that in theRussianRevolution * the triumph ofCommunism was the triumph ofJudaism. " - RabbiWeise, ' A Program For TheJews And Humanity ', NY 1939. " TheBolshevistRevolution * inRussia was the work ofJewish brains ofJewish dissatisfaction ofJewish planning who's goal is to create a NEW ORDER in the world. What was performed** in so excellent a way inRussia shall become reality all over the world. " - ' The AmericanHebrew ', September 10, 1920. ( * aCoupDétet, ** theGenocide of over60millionGentiles another16 million in Ukraine'sHolodomor's another100+million in China after Rittenberg Coe Epstein Adler brought in theirCommunism). HO LOD OMO RINF O. C O M

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VaXXXaNation 9 months ago

!.51 long add for phlegmaura9

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milhouse 9 months ago

The Coming Second Civil War: Part Three

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