The Tall Israeli That Runs The Rap Satanic Music Industry.

Louis Marschalko
Published on 27 Dec 2022 / In Satanic Music Industry

⁣⁣“We control every media of expression including newspapers, magazines, radio and television. Even your music! We censor the songs released for publication long before they reach the publishers. Before long we will have complete control of your thinking.”
“…few have the guts to speak out. We would all have better understanding between each other – jews and gentiles – if we spoke out more openly. Your people don’t have guts. We establish your thinking – we even place within you a ‘guilt complex’ making you afraid to criticize Jewry openly.“

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So now we know what the Luciferian on the right looks like in real life. Please don't let it be a Jew, please?
Nope. Kike with arguably a daily supply of adrenochrome.

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