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The Truth about Israel, Palestine, Zionism, Propaganda & how it's intergrated in the USA & UK

Published on 24 Apr 2021 / In Documentry Films Worth Watching

⁣The true history of how Zionism infected Palestine stealing people’s homes & land. This was done as a false portrayal of the Jewish faith.
They moved in loads of Jews that where fleeing their troubles all over Europe, after everywhere is racist & anti-Semitic towards them.
Most of the blame in this situation is completely that of Zionism.
But if I was a Jew, I would want to know why the rest of Europe hated us so much rather than just blame it on race & anti-Semitic.
The majority of the hate I believes come from their actions rather than appearance or faith. Such as profiting on the misery of the German people after WW1 moving into the country buying up land & property to sell over valued goods which no one can afford. This was due to the treaty of Versailles. But still the Jews tried to exploit this situation generating hatred right across Germany. The blame & anger for this was first taken out on the Jews.
The majority of racism towards Jews is unfounded & completely made up by Zionism for them to justify their actions & protect their self.

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