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The Truth About the Crusades: Europe's Resistance Against Islamic Jihad

Published on 28 Jun 2022 / In History


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R1Nation 23 days ago

We often blame the Jews for the Islamic invasion and I am sure they are stiring things up as much as possible.
However jihad has never ended Greece was only liberated from Islam the last century parts of Albania and Slavic Lands still are
Albania is Unofficially Muslim ,all of its immigrants to Britain are they are shitting all over us and spreading Islam

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PeloPovo PelaEuropa
PeloPovo PelaEuropa 4 months ago

Another excellent sharing from hocuspocusfocus! I will be forwarding this! o/

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Reinhold Elstner
Reinhold Elstner 5 months ago

Bill Warner speaking, a great authority on political islam https://www.politicalislam.com/

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