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The Truth about The Zundels and their Estate, Nov 15, 2021

Published on 15 Nov 2021 / In HoloHoax / WW1 & WW2

⁣⁣What we believe really happened with the Zundels and their estate with emails between Ingrid and Diane and commentary written by Michael Hoffman.
(I personally believe they were both 'full-speed ahead' with revisionism, Third Reich advocacy and support of the German people until Ernst was arrested in TN. Then things began to change. Diane King)

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standingalone 2 months ago

The seed has been planted, and continues to be watered. I’ve been watching videos and reading books on this subject when I could for the last 15 years. More people know today than ever before. And the key is more people all over Earth know more than years past. The jews haven’t contained anything. Florida tried making antisemitic laws, Congress is complaining about the rise in antisemitism, people are hanging banners off of bridges proclaiming its a hoax. In these circles chats are like never before.

When you say you see a day when they shut it all down, that’s not because revisionism is dying, that’s because the jews are scared shitless because they’re losing control over the narrative. Any pressure from any body of government about jews, antisemitism, or revisionism should only be viewed as a signal for those that know to push full steam ahead, our goal is to reach a critical mass.

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