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The Truth of our World

Louis Marschalko
Published on 31 Dec 2022 / In HoloHoax / WW1 & WW2

⁣The World Conquerors 1958-The Real Reason for WW2.
World Jewry must be regarded as the sole war criminal of the Second World War because, in the first place, it prevented reconciliation between the nations and the possibility of cooperation, destroying even the prerequisites to these aims. With the help of untruthful propaganda and falsehood, and by use of radio and press, it projected a totally false world picture before the eyes of mankind. It created a general world atmosphere in which the mere utterance of the truth in connection with the German question might entail danger to life or loss of livelihood, or suspicion of high treason. All peace offers made by the German statesmen were labelled sheer lies. It derided all sober and honest plans. It made all social achievements in Germany appear as reactionary red tape, all the progress as an anti-progressive obstacle, every manifestation of the elite concept as barbarism and all forms of anti-Bolshevism as anti-democratic. Colonel Charles Lindbergh, the national hero of America, became suspected of high treason when he dared to state his honest opinion about National Socialism, based on his own personal experience.P78

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nimblehorse 3 months ago

great video
i believe it was produced by ARCODEAUS ...james wickstrom

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Louis Marschalko
Louis Marschalko 3 months ago

Hitler- we fought the same Jewish Banksters you fight today. Photo Backup https://tinyurl.com/3yz45e38

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